Excitied kid in Da Nang

As the final destination of our continual moving trip, Da Nang leaf us remarkable memories.

It was rainy all afternoon since we first arrived and even took a taxi the longest time to figuring out where is Denim House but luckily we had amazing time at late afternoon till midnight to explore the city, by that I mean The Sun Park 😛 My first and only imagination about any theme park is huge slow wheel that takes you to the top in a private cage. I have always dreamed about doing that wheel thing with my love since uni years when our group of girlfriends rode it together. Since I have one now, I definitely wanted to visit Sun Park just for Sun Wheel 😛 I didn’t know what else does it have and how many of those will I play but I’m happy that we decided to buy tickets.

Pinky design in Hoi An

Hoi An in my mind is peaceful ancient town and wonderful lovers’s corner. We reached Hoi An on a sudden hard rainy afternoon. While transferring on ca no from Cu Lao Cham island to Cua Dai port, we can see an interesting raining scene faraway where heavy rain pour from a huge clouds above. When we so close to the port, a downfall came and left in a flash, leaving us a fresh sense.

Where we stayed: