Phong cách Bohemian

Xin chào mọi người,

Mùa hè đến đồng nghĩa với sự trở lại của phong cách du mục Bohemian tự do phóng khoáng! Trẻ trung khỏe khoắn đầm suông Inner Circle hay dịu dàng trong maxi cổ tim Essen!





My ideas for March (VI trans)

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I write in English and I miss it a lot. My friend said we are different people when we speak different languages and I find it absolutely true to me.

Anyway, today I know one of my lovely shopping online website, Zalora, turns 5 years old this March. So, I want to congratulate them for having the company growing strong and wish them the best. So far I have been shopping a lot on this site and have many favorite items from brands featuring on Zalora like my tropical bikini Wannabe, my Scala slip on, Mint red dress, white sneakers from Zapas… (You can read my first time experience with them here)



Some of you may know, I started a new lifestyle, a bus life. That means basically I go everywhere by bus, to work, to concerts, to movies, to wherever I wanna go.I was so excited that by freeing myself from stressful driving, I also protect our environment, civilize our city, witness kindness like youngsters help the old and establish some myself. It’s a good feeling!